Sustainability generates Value and Quality of Life.

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We generate Diagnoses, Studies, Indicators, Analyses and Programs to determine the Baseline and the Zero State of the Regional Environmental System, as well as the sustenance to determine and audit the Environmental Impacts and the Damage caused to a region or an ecosystem determine. We also develop studies and analyses related to Water, Waste, Sediments and Soils.

The Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), conceived as an instrument of the environmental policy, analytical and of preventive scope, allows to integrate to the environment a specific project or activity; in this conception the procedure offers a set of advantages to the environment and to the project, invariably, these advantages are only appreciable after long periods of time and are concretised in savings in the investments and in the costs of the works, in designs more perfected and integrated into the environment and greater social acceptance of investment initiatives. In Mexico, this instrument has been applied for more than 20 years and during this time the procedure has remained in force as the main preventive instrument for the management of productive projects or activities.

  • Multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary diagnoses, taking as main foundation the pillars of sustainability (social aspects, economic aspects and environmental aspects).
  • Generation of Sustainable Indicator Packages for decision making.
  • Application of the IMAVA two-dimensional model (measurement indexes of environmental value areas).
  • Generation of intersections double entry matrices (actions against indicators).
  • Sustainable technologies.
  • Rescue of ravines.
  • Management programs of ANP, UGAs, UMAs and AVAs.
  • Urban Diagnostics.
  • Declaration of ANP´s and AVAs.
  • Manifestation of Particular or Regional Environmental Impact (MIA).
  • Supporting Technical Studies (ETJ).
  • Risk Studies (ER).
  • Identification of Regional Environmental System (SAR).
  • Definition of baseline and Zero State, which supports SAR.
  • Geochemistry in Sediments and Soils.
  • Water Quality (Drinking Water and Wastewater).
  • Solid Waste.
  • Hazardous Waste.

Services and Specialized Technical Studies, Total Solutions and Management & Development  of Projects

Energy, Oil&Gas, Mining, Steel, Metalmechanics, Construction, Ports, Water, Water Sanitation, Waste Management, Energy Savings and Agro-Industry; as a priority we serve the  Government Sector, Social Projects and Special Projects.