We Avoid Injuries, Incidents and Conflicts, and generate better Processes, Products and Working Conditions

We Inspect and Develop Processes or Methodologies to prevent and reduce to Zero the Incidents and Injuries in the work and industrial processes, considering the Method of the 18 Elements of the Security and Environmental Protection System. We also develop non-destructive superficial, subsurface, hermetic, volume and adhesion tests.

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Industrial Safety and Inspection 


All incidents and injuries at work and industrial processes can be prevented, so that safety, health at work, environmental protection and sustainable development are the responsibility of all and condition of employment and life.  The safety, health and Environmental protection system (HSE/SSPA) allows to meet the goal of zero injuries, zero ethical or environmental incidents and zero labor disputes.

  •   Develop preventive actions to reduce accidents, injuries, ethical or environmental conflicts and zero labor disputes, which generate necessary conditions in industrial activities, to ensure safety, health, environmental protection and Sustainable development (HSE/SSPA).
  • Comply with Quality Standards and the quality management system implanted in the process (QSS quality).
  • Non-destructive testing and inspections (NDT).

We also develop quality evaluations, audits to the quality management system and superficial non-destructive tests, sub-superficial, hermetic, volumetric and adhesion inspection.

1.- Risk Analysis

2.- Emergency Response Plan

3.- Preboot

4.- Training and Performance

 5.- Legal aspects of Environmental Protection

6.- Audits

7.- Environmental Audits

8.- Process Technology

9.- Attitude and Behavior Audits

10.- Role of the SSPA Function

11.- Security and Environmental Protection Policies

12.- Accident Analysis

13.-Operational Discipline

 14.- Accountability

15.- Mechanical Integrity

16.- Contractors

17.- Environmental aspects

18.- Change Management

Superficial and Sub superficial Non-destructive Tests (Assess superficial discontinuities)

  • Visual Inspection
  • Penetrating liquids
  • Magnetic particles

Non-destructive testing of hermeticity (Made in pressure vessels or tanks)

  • Leak tests
  • Pneumatic or hydrostatic test
  • Bubble test
  • Mass spectrometer test
  • Leak testing with halogen trackers

Volumetric non-Destructive testing (Internal discontinuities)

  • Industrial X-ray. 
  • Industrial Ultrasound.
  • Acoustic emission.

Adhesion Inspection (In Coatings)

  • Adhesion tests

Evaluations of Quality Management System:ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001and OHSAS 18001

We help that the productive or industrial processes, comply with the conformity to the specifications, fulfilling all the expectations that the client seeks, being thus controlled by rules or details to be inspected and has the requirements stipulated by organizations that make the product or process certify. We also evaluate the quality management system of each process, advising the clients to find the best way for this to be efficient, understandable  and practical in the organization.

Inspection and Industrial Safety, Studies and Services of Sustainability and Environment, Risk Management of Disasters and Risk Atlas, Accreditations, Certifications and Courses.