We determine the Danger, Vulnerability and Risk, to Make in Advance Right Decisions.

We are dedicated to determine Danger, Vulnerability and Risk, due to the  possibility of Natural and Man-made Disasters or Emergencies, that allow us to Make Advance Decisions to avoid losses, and to establish Prevention and Mitigation Measures , as well as activating the DRM Plan (Disaster Risk Management) in case of loss.

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Disaster Risk Management, Civil Protection and Atlas Risk

Safety and determine Danger, Vulnerability and Risk are all responsibility and priority for Companies, Projects, Processes, Institutions and Governments.

It is therefore necessary that Regions at Risk or Vulnerability, as well as Municipalities, States, Government in general and Industry, develop Risk Atlas and Disaster Risk Management (DRM), because they can develop Civil Protection Plans, Urban Development Plans, also the necessary Recommendations in case of Emergencies.

We develop Data Bases, Information and Hazard Analysis, Vulnerability Analysis and Risk Analysis, which are necessary for disasters or emergencies at national, regional, state, municipal, industrial and private levels, in order to generate the following products or services:

  • Disaster risk Management (DRM).
  • Disaster risk Management Plans.
  • Risk  and Emergencies Atlas.
  • Geographic Information Systems.
  • Studies and analysis of Civil Protection..
  • Management and Consultancy.

The Risk Atlas is a comprehensive information system to establish data bases and hazard analysis, vulnerability and risk to disasters at industrial, regional, municipal, state or national levels, in order to generate maps and geographic systems of information, and to be able to simulate differents disaster scenarios, issue recommendations for timely decision-making, and establish effective prevention and mitigation measures; be these damages to the human being, populations, infrastructure, means of generation of income or environment.

Disaster Risk Management (DRM) is the integral action for the approach of a disaster situation, which allows to determine the risks, to intervene to modify them, to reduce them, to eliminate them or to develop the necessary preparation to respond In the face of damage caused by a particular disaster; Whether it is damage to the human being, populations, infrastructure, means of economic generation or environment.

Inspection and Industrial Safety, Studies and Services of Sustainability and Environment, Risk Management of Disasters and Risk Atlas, Accreditations, Certifications and Courses.