We Design, Develop and Manage Projects, Efficiently, Supported and Sustainable.

Pozos Petroleros
Linea de Agua a Presión

We participate in the Develop and Management Integrated of Projects in the Heavy Industry, Oil&Gas, Energy, Mining, Manufacturing, Construction, Water, Sanitation, Driving, Transport, Waste, Ports, Agriculture, Turist, also in sectors like Government, Social Development, NGOs, HSE Industrial, Civilian Protección and Risks Atlas.

Business Plan Structure:

  • Executive Summary.
  • Historical Review
  • Analysis of the Internal and External Context.
  • Strategic Plan.
  • Objectives.
  • Description of the Product or Service.
  • Meta Market and Mkt.
  • Competitors.
  • Location.
  • Prices.
  • Marketing Channels.
  • Communication
  • Strategies.
  • Personnel or Human Capital.
  • Raw Materials or inputs.
  • Sales Estimation (Margins and Forecast)
  • Investment Plan and ROI (Investment or Funding Project)
  • Projected Results.
  • Cash Flow.
  • Sensitivity Analysis.

Project Management

We can summarize the project’s directives according to the methodology that we generally use PMI (Project Management Institute) and its based on the guide to the foundations for the Project Directives, known as the PMBOK ®:

  • F.1 Project Management integration into the project
  • F. 2 Management  of Scope
  • F. 3 Management of Time
  • F. 4 Management in Costs
  • F. 5 Management of Quality
  • F. 6 Management of Human Resources
  • F. 7 Management of Communications
  • F. 8 Management of Risks
  • F. 9 Management of Procurement

Inspection and Industrial Safety, Studies and Services of Sustainability and Environment, Risk Management of Disasters and Risk Atlas, Accreditations, Certifications and Courses, Development of Projects.

Industry, Manufacturing, Oil&Gas, Energy, Mining, Building, Metalmechanics, Ports, Agro-Industry, Water, Waste Water, Waste Management, Government, Social Projects and Special Projects.