The Target of Social Impact Corporate Campaigns (SICC/CEIS) is to create a Strong Impact on our Partners, their Families, the Company, Internal Processes, Society and the Vulnerable Social Groups to get an Activation and a Change that generates Value.

All SICC (CEIS in Spanish) are generated by the Company and our personnel, after detecting priority needs in the society and our collaborators. And the objective is the Activation to be an “Agent of Change”, that generates Value-Responsibility-Conscience, inside and outside the company, in favour of the Life, the Freedom, the Respect, the Honesty, the Solidarity, the Environment and the Human Rights. Generating in the Company and the Society Value, Innovation and Differentiation.

Value, Innovation and Differentiation

To be  a company that stays at the vanguard, generating effective strategies and services to captivate customers every day, offering them an extra value.

We must satisfy the customer’s needs, offering integral solutions and attention that meet or exceed their expectations, through a process that is the most enjoyable, efficient, safe, easy and fast.

Search, Question, Commit, Know, Improve, Impact, Delight and Communicate.

  1. Offer the best attention, the treatment, the tone, the good taste, the knowledge, the experience and the management of the subject.
  2. Know your work environment, competitors and the market.
  3. Do not become obsolete, search and incorporate technology, new processes, methodologies, anticipate to the market.
  4. Continuous improvement, always at the expectation to  improve.
  5. Look for impact, achieving total customer satisfaction, but highlighting and achieving differentiation.
  6. Communicate, through marketing, advertising and digital tools.

Let’s be agents of change 

An agent of change is someone who alters the human capacity, habits, behaviors, processes or systems of organization to improve or obtain new results or the updating of itself.

Passion, self-motivation and commitment

  • An agent of change lives in the future, not the present, being conscious of the present.
  • An agent of change is driven by passion, and inspires passion in others.
  • A change agent has a great ability to self-motivate.
  • A change agent must understand people.

Take care of the environment

We are currently experiencing an ecological crisis, which is generating or aggravating crises and conflicts in financial, health, food, refugee movement, water wars, death of animal species, destruction of ecosystems and affecting the basic rights of life.

Caring for the environment is everyone’s responsibility, and we must instill positive habits and educate people to make intelligent decisions about their consumption both inside and outside the company.

  1. Optimize transport efficiency and opt for alternative energies.
  2. Reduction of water use and adequate sanitation of the resource.
  3. Adequate and effective waste and waste treatment.
  4. Sustainable packaging and opt for new technologies biodegradable and without affecting health and the environment.
  5. Culture and environmental education, as well as the relationships with the health, well-being and the quality of life of the human being.
  6. Harmonious relations with the environment, that impact us, give us life experiences and we can enjoy.
  7. The planet, the ecosystems and their natural cycles are our home and give us quality of life.

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