We are Honest and Fair giving each instant the Best of Us, we are regulated by our Values and Politics issued by the Company and the Corporate Group.

All our partners, internal processes, operations, procurement, communication and activities are based on the Integridad, honesty and justice, as well as in our values and policies. We are against corruption and bad practices.

Institutional Policies to which all Our Collaborators are subject.

Anti-corruption policies and dealing with suppliers, focused on integrity, honesty, justice and competitiveness.

Policies focused on the confidential and adequate management of information in the company.

Services and Specialized Technical Studies, Total Solutions and Management & Development  of Projects

Energy, Oil&Gas, Mining, Steel, Metalmechanics, Construction, Ports, Water, Water Sanitation, Waste Management, Energy Savings and Agro-Industry; as a priority we serve the  Government Sector, Social Projects and Special Projects.


TI and Maintenance.

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