We participate in the Industry and Projects of Oil& Gas (Petrochemical), Energy, Heavy Industry, Extractive, Process – Manufacturing, Ports, Docks, Building, Construction, Metalworking, Water, also with Sectors such as  Government, Institutions, Organizations, Society, Environment and Special Projects.

We serve different markets and our clients are Companies, Industries, Projects, Institutions, Organizations and Governments. We go where it is necessary, and always with the Best Solution, because our services are Tailor-Made Suits of the Client and according to the need of each Project.

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We are a company that works throughout Mexico and Latin America. Our goal is to achieve Total customer satisfaction, for the benefit of society, institutions, companies, government and the environment. We serve the following markets and customers:

  • Oil & Gas (Petrochemical / downstream – meadstream – upstream, Gas / transport – process – electric generation).
  • Heavy and Extractive Industry (mining, steel, cement).
  • Process and Manufacturing Industry (maquiladora, metalworking, ceramics, chemistry).
  • Energy (generation in combined cycle, distribution, photovoltaic or wind).
  • Ports and Docks (extensions, maritime works, piloting).
  • Building and Construction (hotel projects, towers, urban parks, ecological parks, roads, management of ravines and water runways).
  • Metalworking (tanks, exchangers, capacitors, pipelines, oil rigs, aqueducts greater than 42 ″, transmission towers, petrochemical refining projects, telecommunications towers).
  • Water and Sanitation (analysis of Potable water, Residual water analysis, analysis of treated waters, services in causes, rivers, streams, hydroelectric projects, geothermal projects, PTARs, purification and desalination plants).
  • Government, Society and Environment Projects (environmental projects, regional declarations, environmental studies or audits, Civil protection programs, disaster risk management, urban development plans, impact studies).
  • Special Projects (ports, docks, marinas, petrochemical projects, extensive crop projects, social impact projects, socioeconomic analyses, technical studies, diverse needs for disagreements or mismanagement of complaints or processes with the authority).

If you have a project in which we can help you or you wish that we participate, contact us or send an email to:  contacto@h97.com.mx       


Inspection and Industrial Safety, Studies and Services of Sustainability and Environment, Risk Management of Disasters and Risk Atlas, Accreditations, Certifications and Courses.