A Company that generates Value, Innovation and Differentiation.

We are a Mexican Company, that generates Value, Innovation, and Differentiation, developing Integral Solutions with a Team of Collaborators that are Efficient, Passionate and Committed.

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Mexican company dedicated to the development of Integral solutions, for several projects in the markets of Industry, Oil & Gas, Energy, Mining, Building, Metalworking, Water, Government, Ports and Special Projects. Since the year 2012 we have participated in different projects of private, regional and national impact, either directly, subcontracted or in partnership with other companies or institutions.

Industrial Safety and Inspection

Technical Services of Sustainability and Environment 

Disaster Risk Management, Civil Protection and Atlas Risk

Accreditation, Certifications and Courses

Our Work

  • We generates Value, Innovation and Differentiation.
  • We avoid Accidents, Injuries, Incidents and Conflicts in the Industry or Projects.
  • We develop Sustainability Studies that Reduce Risk and Generate Value and Quality of Life.
  • We determine the Danger, Vulnerability and Risk to Make Right Decisions.
  • We generate Value in the Organizations increasing the Professional Potential.
In each project we have the objective of obtaining the total satisfaction of the client, for the benefit of the society, institutions, companies, government and environment.  For this, we have a team of collaborators, highly efficient, specialists in different areas, passionate and committed. All of them from various parts of the world, from differents academic institutions, private companies, parastatals and non-governmental organizations.

Inspection and Industrial Safety, Studies and Services of Sustainability and Environment, Risk Management of Disasters and Risk Atlas, Accreditations, Certifications and Courses.