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We are a mexican company that generates value, innovation and differentiation, dedicated to the development of specialized technical services and studies, total solutions and projects, for the market of energy, oil&gas, mining, steel, metalmechanics, construction, manufacturing, ports, water, water sanitation, waste management, energy savings and agro-industry; as a matter of priority, we work with the  government sector, social projects and special projects.

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Services and Specialized Technical Studies

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Total Technical Solutions

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Management and Development  of Projects

Since 2012, we participated in different private, regional and national impact projects, either directly, outsourced or co-participated and partnership with other companies or institutions.

In each project, we have the objective to achieve the Full Satisfaction of the Client, for the benefit of the Communities, Institutions, Industries, Companies, Governments and the Environment. So we have a Collaborators Specialist Team, all of them Passionate, Committed, Highly Efficients and Specialists in different areas.

Our business is the development of various Services, Studies and Activities, which generate a high value to the customer, allowing to obtain the Necessary Solution, to know  the Exact Conditions, to take the Right Decisions, to prevent and to reduce the Risks, to provide Value to Human Capital and Processes, as well as to generate the development necessary to improve existing Infrastructure, Conditions or Processes; allowing for the development and management of several projects under multiple conditions.

Our market is in the industry of Energy, Oil&Gas, Mining, Steel, Metalmechanics, Construction, manufacturing, Ports, Water, Water Sanitation, Waste Management, Energy Savings and Agro-Industry,  as a matter of priority, we also provide services to the  Government Sector, Social Projects and Special Projects. It is important take note, that our Government and Social Projects Service Area is responsible to attend the requirements and needs of country governments, secretaries, states and municipalities, from very specific needs to the development and management of big projects, Including the efficient and correct management of tools of financial, social, administrative, operational and technical type.

We are Agents of Change that impact the Word, the Processes and the Society, generating Value, Innovation and Differentiation in everything we do; always focused on Customer Service and take the Responsibility. We want our company to be the best place to work, learn, create, develop, communicate and take decisions, based on hard data, deep knowledge and technical analysis, as well as the proper management of technological tools and skills.

Our Approach on all our Activities, Processes and Services:

Measurable and Traceable
Financial and 
Operatively Sustainable


Environmentally Sustainable

and Differentiation
Our Work
  • We generate Value, Innovation and Differentiation in all our processes and services.
  • Obtain Hard Data and Technical Indicators for Measurement, Evaluation, Inspection, Supervision, Design, Implementation and Development.
  • Determine Danger, Vulnerability and Risk.
  • Improve and Secure conditions of Operation, Employment and Life.
  • Generate Quality of Life and Environmental Sustainability.
  • Increase the Professional Value in Work Teams.
  • Improve efficiency and results in all processes, systems and projects.
  • Develop a Total and  Technical Coverage that allows to make Right Decisions and obtain the full satisfaction of the client.
  • We design, develop and management Projects and Total Solutions, according to Customer Requirements, the Process, the Project, the Sustainability, the Quality Standards and the Law and Legislation. All this, in innovative, objective, measurable, achievable, sustainable, efficient and sustainable form, in the technical, financial, operational, commercial and social areas.
Our Advantage:
  • We are technicians experimented with an innovative, objective, measurable, achievable, sustainable, efficient and sustainable approach.
  • We work with a Total Approach (integrating all internal, external and projected new factors).
  • We are Flexible in providing service to needs or requirements, we can work on a single or integrated action, as well as in the development of a long – term project.
  • We identify the Danger, Vulnerability and Risk to make the Right Decisions and avoid Conflicts.
  • We generate Value in organizations, companies or institutions because we increased the Professional Potential, improving processes and systems, just as more efficient communication.
  • We have Strategic Alliances in Mexico and the World, which allow us to incorporate Value, Capacity, Experience and Efficiency.
  • We have  capacity of development and supervision of engineering by speciality, as well as technical inspection.
  • Handling of Tools and Aspects required, such as financial, social, political, administrative, operational and technical.
  • Total Project Management with a commitment of Solution and Development.
We thank all our clients for the opportunity to participate in their projects and to resolve their needs, always being conscious of the great responsibility that this means and the impact that we generate.

Services and Specialized Technical Studies, Total Solutions and Management & Development  of Projects

Energy, Oil&Gas, Mining, Steel, Metalmechanics, Construction, Manufacturing, Ports, Water, Water Sanitation, Waste Management, Energy Savings and Agro-Industry; as a priority we serve the  Government Sector, Social Projects and Special Projects.